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03 03, 2021 | Answering my most asked questions!


My job means I get to meet and photograph so many of your precious babies at their newborn session. I know lucky me!

Often when you first contact me about booking a newborn session, you might have some questions. I love when you ask and I’m more than happy to help, none are too silly! I thought I would put together some of the things, I get asked most, or things I think you might like to ask, but don't.

Lets begin!

When should I contact to arrange my session?

You can arrange your Maternity and Newborn session from your first scan. Most people usually enquire around 20 weeks. It is always best to book your newborn session during pregnancy. This means your slot will be guaranteed. Once your booking fee is paid, your session is secured. I can only book a set amount of newborns per month to accommodate early and late arrivals. I do sometimes have availability come up last minute, so you can always check! Which brings me to our next question!

I don’t know when my baby will arrive, do I book a date before they’re born?

Babies are the boss, they run the show. So for this reason, all we do is make note of your due date! This lets me know to expect your little ones arrival within a couple of weeks of this date. Just let me know when your baby has arrived and we can arrange your date.

How old is the best age photograph my newborn?

The age of the babies can make a big difference in what type of poses you are able to position them in. All babies are different. Younger babies those between 5-14days usually tend to curl up much easier into poses, and they don't mind being touched. Around one week old is typical, if both mum and baby are feeling good. I often photograph babies much older than this.. its not textbook. It just means sessions can be longer. Baby might not like being touched as much, they also learn they no longer live in cramp quarters, and start to stretch out. How long is my session and what is included in my booking fee?

Your session is around 2-3 hours, but of course if baby doesn’t settle, this can go onto 4 hours ( although not typical). Your booking fee includes your session, prop use, various sets, in person viewing session, one print, not to mention my skills, art and all the editing and post production!

Are parent/family/sibling photos included?

Yes, yes and yes!! Although your newborn is the focus of the session. I believe its so important to try and capture your whole family at this special time. I do always like to make a little bit of fuss over older siblings. It can be a big adjustment for them, so I also like to take a little snap or two off them as well. It usually works best when they come for their portion of the shoot, and then they don't get bored during these longer sessions. I know, you rarely feel your best once you’ve had your baby. But I’ve had so many reluctant mums and dads be so delighted they trusted me to capture these images. You do not need to be dress up. I even have certain little go to poses for the mum that comes unprepared, and photographs them so beautiful. When they come to view, its usually these photos that make them cry! What do I need to bring with me?

I have most things here you need, newborn nappies, breast pads, muslins.. Snacks!! I got you. Parents still bring their own. I know what its like getting out the door with a newborn, so just in case! If baby is formula feeding, please do bring extra milk, babies will generally feed more than normal as they are being moved around. I ask that you bring dummies to help comfort baby these can be the difference in getting a certain pose. It can help so much to settle baby and will not affect any feeding as it it used for such a short time. Even if baby doesn't really take a dummy yet, I find because I help them they usually love the comfort. You have the choice, I only advise this to help your newborn session and get the best from it. My session prep guide will tell you all about how best to prepare, and answer questions about clothing choices etc.

What should my baby wear to its newborn session?

Please dress your baby in a easy to undo baby grow. Poppers at the front and nothing over the head. We want to disturb baby as little as possible. However I supply everything else your baby will need, so do not worry about Sunday Bests, practicality is key!

Can I take photos of my baby on set with my phone?

You are more than welcome to take behind the scenes photos and videos. However they must be behind the scene images, you must be able to see the studio surroundings, have me in photo etc but not take images of baby directly by themselves on a set. Its a great way to remember the day, don't forget to send me them, I love to have see them too! How many images will I see at my viewing?

Typically galleries are around 20-30 images sometimes more if baby is really good. However my goal is always quality over quantity, nobody needs 100 photographs. We are creating artwork so I like every image to be meaningful. I hand edit every image by hand, the process is quite lengthy and I take so much time for each gallery, the editing is what takes the most of time.

When and how do I choose my products and photographs?

You are invited back within 2 weeks of your newborn session to view your beautiful gallery. This takes anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour.When you book your session with me, I like to provide an experience, and seeing my clients reactions to their gallery is a highlight of the job. It means I get to see what my clients love, and gives me the chance to help them choose the right products for them. Here you will sit and watch your babies images on a slideshow made just for you. I ask that before you come to your viewing, you take a look around your home and think about what frames, acrylics and prints that might go well in your space. Feel free to bring photos, if you would like my personal input. This appointment is where you purchase your products and payment is to be made for your final products. Its not about buying everything, its about displaying the images you love, so that you can enjoy them!

To book your session fill in the contact form on my homepage or look at more session information in the newborn session info page!

I hope this helps, and if you have any other questions.. get in touch!

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