Hello !

Please take a minute just to read through these quick prep ideas, so you know what to expect for your photoshoot.


Once you and baby have been giving the green light to go home, please contact me right away to schedule a definite date and time for your babies newborn session. 

When scheduling the session the earlier the better. Newborns much younger tend to do very well during a photoshoot, oppose to a baby that is 3+ weeks old, as they are more awake, alert and have learned to stretch out. However do not panic if your baby is older than this, it is just a guide, nothing is textbook.. and we will get beautiful images regardless!

Before You Arrive!


I highly recommend, trying to keep your baby awake for a bit before your session, i.e. talk to them, give them a bath etc (easier said than done, I know). If possible try and refrain from given them their final feed that's due before session, and give it on arrival, or even keep part of the feed. This is just because sleepy hungry babies, are more easily posed into those curled up poses that everyone loves to get. These things wont always be possible and that's fine. For breastfeeding mummy's, I would suggest feeding before arrival if feeding isn't well established yet, as feeding can take quite long, and then of course you can feed as and when you need throughout your session. Following these steps, can make sure you get the most out of your session, my goal is to get as many nice pictures as we can, without tiring everybody out. There is no golden recipe, as the little people will run the show.. and I work with them and what they are happy and comfortable with. I do not expect every baby to be super sleepy, so please do not stress, these are just tips that from experience, that can help the session go well. 

The Session

Poop & pee happens.. & that's completely fine, and expected ! All props used during a session are washed in baby detergent and  I have bits in place for a smooth clean up!

Sessions can last anywhere from 2-3 hours so please expect to be here for a while, during a newborn session the majority of time is spent settling baby, changing them, giving cuddles.. patience is key to getting those nice cute shoots, so please bare with me.


It gets hot in the studio. Since babies are usually photographed naked, or are being changed quite a bit the room will be heated to a minimum of 24 degrees to ensure baby is warm and comfortable. If we’re not sweating, it’s probably not warm enough for baby! At this age babies cannot regulate their own body temperature and can be startled by sudden drops in temperature. Please make sure to wear something comfortable. I always stock up well on water, tea, coffee and little snacks but if you rush out in a hurry always feel free to bring whatever with you. 

Siblings are more than welcome to come along for sibling/family shots, but due the length of the session, safety and other reasons, I would recommend they come and have photographs taken either at the beginning or end of session, so they do not have to stay the entire time. Please let me know if this is going to be a problem. 

What should they wear? For newborn sessions I provide all outfits and props etc, I do recommend bringing them in a little sleepsuit, so I don't have to disturb them to much at the beginning of session. For Siblings and parents I recommend wearing no big logos and neutral tones, whites creams etc, with jeans for a little boy, however its totally up to you. If you do want more guidance on this do get in touch, and I would be happy to help, but do not worry or stress over outfits to much. If there is an item from home you would like to bring to include in your session, do let me know and we can try to incorporate it, even feel free to send me pictures, after all I want your to love your images.

Due to the room being warm, or baby is being handled, when usually left to snooze, you can find that they might feed more than normal, so bring plenty of food, if not breastfeeding. If your baby uses a pacifier please bring it with you, a little suck of a dummy can do just the trick, if baby starts to fuss as I am about to snap a photo. 



Safety is my top priority when handling your baby, at times I may ask mum or dad to help, just by staying close to baby etc.  During the session I will be handling and posing baby, but I will not have them in any positions they are not comfortable in. I like to let baby guide the flow of my sessions. When baby is in wraps, I am constantly checking there temperature at the back of their neck, keeping an eye on colour and blood flow when in certain poses. Remember your baby has just lived in your tummy for 9 months, so they love being in these little positions. I have trained and mentored in newborn baby safety and have two children of my own, so your little one is in safe hands.

Lastly, sit back and enjoy! I work out of my home garden studio, I have all the equipment of a professional studio, and people often comment on enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. 


After that your gallery will be ready within 2-4 week. I professionally  hand edit all images to a high standard. You will then be invited back to an ordering appointment, we can make this date at your session or I will contact you around a week before, these appointments usually only last around 30-40 minutes, and this will be when you get to view your images, and make your purchases.

I offer a range of packages to suit all budgets, as you are paying for professional images, we like to make sure the quality and high standard is continued through to print, and you have beautiful fine art wall art pieces to display in your home.

Thank you for taking the time to read all the info, if you have any questions please do get in touch. 

                                                                               Kimberley x

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