1st year Portraits

Babies go through so many changes in their first year, it’s a whirlwind! Baby portrait sessions are designed to document these incredible changes and preserve some of the memories that are made during baby’s first year. 

These sessions include a few different styled setups, I provide outfits and accessories, but you can also bring along your own clothing if you want and it will give extra variety to your gallery. These sessions last anywhere up to 1 hour, but babies have a short attention span and I like to make my mini clients happy so they are the boss, and we will just go with their flow! 


3 - 8 months

At this age babies hold their heads and enjoy tummy time. They begin to smile, have so many different facial expressions and interact. and respond, which is why we play, & sing and have fun during these sessions.

8 months +

This sessions are so so much fun and really and are all about capturing your baby’s personality! At this age your baby can usually start to sit confidently,and enjoys attention & interaction, they are learning to express themselves, its so amazing to see these little baby's get so super excited, explore and be totally thrilled by what's going on around them (usually!!).

1 - 2 years

Helpppp, they are on the move.. Lightning McQueen or Little Bambi's.. its so cute to capture those baby steps, & tumbles. It can be quite a challenge to get them to sit still & pose at this age, which is fine.. because why would we want to do that, when we can capture them being them!